I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas–NOT!

cold-snow-nature-winterAs long as I have lived in Chile I cannot get used to the hot Christmases. Granted, we are only talking about the high 80’s to low 90’s in our town, but still . . .that’s warm enough to curdle eggnog. Not a pretty picture.

But some of the traditions here are heartwarming and family-friendly. Like the fact that everyone stays up until midnight on Christmas Eve to dine. And it is quite the spread–they take out all the stops, as the old saying goes.

Then, while folks are patting their rounded stomachs, the kids assault the tree and tear into the presents. Which means at two in the morning you have youngsters riding around the neighborhood on their new bikes, skateboards, or scooters. Or more likely, bent over the newest video game. In shorts and tank tops, remember. No parkas or boots. I have to admit that part is awesome.

My sons married Chilean girls, so they celebrate the traditional Chilean way on Christmas Eve with my daughters-in-law’s folks and then are free to come to our place the morning of the 25th. Which is incredibly quiet, as everyone is conked out from the late-night festivities.

It is nice for them not to have to decide with which side of the family to celebrate–they get the best of both worlds. We’ve tried to maintain some typical practices, like the kinds of ornaments, filling the stockings, pancake breakfast.

But it has been necessary to compromise and mesh. It’s all part of adjusting to living in a foreign country.

The same goes for my writing. At this point, my market is English-speaking countries because it is the one more likely to read what I write. But, it is impossible for my stories not to have that multicultural flavor, that slight twist in the way of looking at things or even the setting.

And I suppose it will always be that way. It looks like I am going to be here for the long haul. I mean, we’ve been here more than forty years, and we have my burial plots purchased. That’s pretty permanent, earthly speaking, right?

So, as much as I dream of a white Christmas, it isn’t going to happen. But that’s okay. I know this is where God wants me right now, and that’s good enough for me.

How about you? How do you handle dreaming of other things or places when you’re pretty sure it isn’t going to happen?


About colleenshinephillips

Writer, veteran missionary, adventure and intrigue-lover. Convinced of the power of the word and the Word.
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7 Responses to I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas–NOT!

  1. kaseygiard says:

    No white Christmas for us, either, here in FL. Current weather predictions say it will be above 80 degrees on Christmas day! So I hear you. I am seeing more and more multicultural stories or foreign settings in children’s lit. 🙂 I think you’ll find a place in the market. Keep writing!!!!!

  2. colleenshinephillips says:

    Awww, thanks. And my condolences on the hot Christmas!

  3. dianesteward says:

    This year I’m abandoning Florida–and Chile–in time for a hopefully White Christmas in West Virginia, and I’m sure we’ll love it! But speaking for myself, I love those sunny Christmases in Chile. We enjoy all the best of both worlds, and after everything’s over, I relax in the backyard pool with my newest book and maybe a root beer float. I wouldn’t trade that for freezing my nupper at home in Canada! Living in two worlds means that I always feel at home, wherever I am.

  4. colleenshinephillips says:

    That is so, so true, Diane. We do have the best of both worlds. Thank you for reminding me of that!

  5. xedixon says:

    We’ve been living in a season of transition for five years, with lots of letting go and lots of learning how to be flexible. As I continue to trust God with my healing journey, and our hopefully-sooner-than-later moving date, I’ve learned to keep my heart and hands and heart wide open. I can depend on the Lord to help me be content in the present moment. Though it’s not always easy, it’s always more peaceful.

    Thanks for sharing your world with us, Colleen. I look forward to reading more of your work. Write brave, Sister!

  6. Patti Brown says:

    I love how your way of handling Christmas is a metaphor for your writing… and even for you! You are unique, created to be a one of a kind, and made even more so by your unique circumstances living biculturally and bilingually. I also enjoyed the glimpse into Chilean Christmas traditions – I had no idea!

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