Mary’s Amazing Example



Poor Mary.

Take a moment to read Luke 1:26-38. Especially verse 37.

An angel (weird right off before he utters a word) appears to her and announces, “Greetings, O favored one, the Lord is with you!”

Mary would already assume the Lord was with her, so the part that probably threw her was the “favored one” thing. And Gabriel, being the discerning messenger he is (present tense—nobody said his announcing days are over) calms her telling her not to be afraid. But mere words aren’t going to do the trick.

Gabriel goes on to tell her the wonder of this baby she is going to give birth to, the amazing impact he is going to have on heaven and earth. He tells her something that’s going to change her life, put her down in history forever, not to mention make her an integral part of the most earth-shattering event since the flood. And the most important one ever—hands down.

What does she hear? “Can’t be. I’m a virgin, for crying out loud.” So human of her.

Again, Gabriel is patient and explains how it is going to happen. Even though Mary isn’t a guy, she knows the teachings regarding the coming Messiah. So the significance of the angel’s words is not lost on her. Gabriel holds the key and shares it with her: “For nothing will be impossible with God.”

It is huge that even though her mind must be one big jumble, Mary has enough of her wits about her to respond, “I’m the servant of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word.”  In other words, “Here I am. I don’t get it, but I trust God. I’m on board.”

If Mary could do that after such an astounding revelation, why can’t I do the same with something of a smaller caliber?

I do believe that with God nothing is impossible, but living it is harder than just saying it.

And when he tells me He wants to do something through me, my response is usually, “Me? Why me? I can’t do that, for crying out loud.”

And then He reminds me it is His work, and it is about Him.

May I really take it to heart that with God everything is possible and that if He asks something of me, I can simply say, “Here I am. I don’t get it, but I trust You.”

And then wait to see what He does. He has amazed me so many times, I’ve lost count!

Do you have trouble trusting when you don’t get things? How about we make that a goal this coming year?



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Writer, veteran missionary, adventure and intrigue-lover. Convinced of the power of the word and the Word.
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6 Responses to Mary’s Amazing Example

  1. dianesteward says:

    Thank you, Colleen, for those inspiring thoughts.

  2. Absolutely! But I echo your prayer, Colleen. “Here I am, Lord!” Whenever I do that, He ends up blowing my mind as He does things beyond anything I could ever dream up or imagine.

    I’ll join you in making a goal to follow the Lord with Spirit-empowered courage, wisdom, obedience, and faith . . . all the days of our lives.

    I’m excited to see what God has in store for us, Sister!

  3. kaseygiard says:

    This gave me chills. So true. 🙂 Definitely needed to hear this today.

  4. Patti Brown says:

    Hoo boy, yes. It is amazing how easy it is to want to know the hows even if I can let go of the whys (probably because I am usually accepting of “Because I said so”). It’s how to do the thing that gets me every time. I have always yearned toward Mary’s yes – that I would be so trusting and so willing.

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