spiral-hallwayThe idea of this new series has been rolling around in my head for so long, I can’t even put a date on its birth. And anyone who knows me fairly well is aware of the fact that I am passionate about the subject matter.

So many good books have been written about following Christ, living a purposeful, Spirit-filled life, what the church should look like, how to pray, the importance of daily devotionals, etc. I have several of these on my shelf. Some I have read numerous times.

This series is not about any of that.

On more than one occasion, I have entertained the following thought, and when I do, it shakes me to the core: What if I lived my whole life, trying to do all the right things and yet, when I reach heaven and see Jesus face-to-face, He feels like a stranger?

For one thing, that would be on me, not Him.

He wants to be known. He has made that clear in Scripture, and creation shouts intelligent design.  I want to know Him, as much as is humanly possible. And to do that, I need to take a good long look at who He is, who He really is , even when it is uncomfortable, even when it scares me, even when it doesn’t make sense to my finite mind.

So, this series is not five steps to get to know him more, although as I stated, I long to.  And I hope we all will. It’s also not ten ways to live a better life or what heaven is like. Not how to pray more or to read the Bible in a year. It’s not a defense of my faith, either. I just want to cut through the academia of theology and philosophy and get to the heart of the matter: God—Pure and Simple. His person, His essence, His attributes, His character.

A little voice in my head, says, “Who do you think you are to try this?”

Uh, nobody special. Except that God put it on my heart. It’s no easy task to write about the Almighty. I’m such a flawed pot of clay. That’s what the Bible says I am—a bunch of mud molded into a cracked and fragile container. I’m definitely fragile, and anyone who knows me also knows I am way beyond cracked.

But the Bible also says I hold a treasure. Him.That blows my mind.

As a foundation for these posts, I’d like to clarify the ground rules. First off, I will be talking about God with a capital G. He is Creator and Sustainer of the universe, and the only Absolute Truth. God is the only prism through which we can look and form a world view that makes sense, hold water, and is true.

So, who might this series be for? Any person who needs oxygen to survive!

Maybe you’ve been in the church your whole life, pray, read the Bible, work diligently, teach, preach, are involved in a whole gambit of church activities, and yet. . . your gut makes you wonder if you’re missing something vital. Perhaps you’re interested in God, but don’t appreciate institutionalized religion. Or you’re mad at Him. Or you think He’s not fair. Or you just don’t get it. You might even claim not to care one way or another, but a question niggles at the back of your brain making you wonder if there might be some truth to the whole God thing. Maybe you’d enjoy a basic refresher course.

Whatever your case, I hope you come back and share in this adventure.







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Writer, veteran missionary, adventure and intrigue-lover. Convinced of the power of the word and the Word.
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  1. kaseygiard says:

    I’m happy to share this adventure with you. Definitely a topic I want to keep exploring. 🙂

  2. Wow, what a great start to your series!! I have been thinking along these lines lately as I started a book on countering culture. As it discusses the different social issues which we must confront, the author finally says it is all just religious activism if our focus is not on GOD and who He is. I’m excited to learn more about God Pure and Simple.

    • colleenshinephillips says:

      Thank you for your comment, Diane. You are so kind. I am excited to learn more, also. May God lead me as I walk this path.

  3. Julie Richmond says:

    I’m in!! Love and miss you friend!

  4. I’m looking forward to this series, Colleen. This is my passion, too. To know God intimately, as He’s revealed through the treasure of His Word, which leads to loving Him wholeheartedly. I’m so excited!

    • colleenshinephillips says:

      I pray the Holy Spirit guides me through this series. I don’t want to run ahead of Him, or twist any of His truths.

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