What to Expect

My goal is to pass on reflections from a worldview with God as the primary prism for analysis and decisions regarding an array of topics as varied as every day is in our crazy lives.

Much of what I share will have to do with my journey of faith. I don’t mean religion, but I do mean the person of God—His essence, His character…Him. He is number one to me, even when my life doesn’t accurately reflect that. I hate when that happens. But it does. And as long as I continue to be flesh and blood, it will continue.

I will make a strong effort in the following areas:

Honesty— I will do my best to present what I consider to be facts in a clear and straightforward fashion

Authenticity—I will try to be explicit on all subjects, as well as tell you when something is only my opinion. If I don’t know something, I won’t smoke screen you.

Comprehensible—My style of writing is elementary-ish. Anything I write ranks middle grade or younger  in the Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level, so it is not my goal to dumb things down. I already know you are intelligent and can figure stuff out. It is just me. What I do intend to do is state my mind or facts in such a way that the concepts can be easily grasped. Academia has value, but I don’t intend to use it here.

Attitude—I will make a stand on issues, but when doing so I will make an attempt never to bag on anything or anyone else even if I disagree.